11 KILLER Ways You Can Make Money Online Starting Today

Suheyl Ünüvar

September 28, 2020

Would you like to quit your job and start making money online? What if I told you that you could start making money online right now & possibly quit your job tomorrow?

That sound's nice right? Let me give you 11 KILLER ways you can make money online starting right now


and hopefully, escape the 9 to 5 rat race

11 Killer Ways You Can Make Money Online Starting Today

While that might sound very difficult or even impossible, I were right where you are not too long ago.  

In fact, making money online is the easiest way of getting rich these times

These 11 Realistic, Legitimate & Killer ways to make money online will help you get ideas on how different jobs earn on average,  what they are & even where you can start right now with them.

1) Professional Blogging

Professional Blogging

Income: From $17,000 up to $72,000 per year (source: lifehacker.com)

Ideal For: People who have dedication. People who want to work flexible, you want to live the laptop lifestyle. You like to share your opinion on different topics for a target audience. 

What Is It: You write articles around solutions. You find problems & deliver the answer in an article, in that article you link back to an affiliate product. And if people buy that affiliate product, you get a commission. This is one of the most popular make money online topics.

Where To Find: 

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Income: $100,810 per year (source: allbusinessschools)

  • Your income is dependent on your sales as an affiliate. You get paid on commission. (This means you could make $20 this hour and $2,000 the next). It is all based on your sales skills. Affiliate marketing can be a very high paying make money online way.

Ideal For: People who don't want to create their products, don't do customer support, don't do any of that. Just do the marketing for the product & get a commission. 

What Is It: You promote a specific product or service and when someone decides to buy you get a commission. The commission is usually around 5% to 20%

Where To Find: 

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3) eCommerce Portal

eCommerce Portal

Income: $82,242 per year (source: neuvoo.ca)

Ideal For: People who love to sell physical products, digital goods or anything online. 

What Is It: E-commerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. That means that whenever you buy and sell something using the Internet, you’re involved in e-commerce.

Common asked the question about eCommerce: 

Question: What is the Best E-Commerce Website Builder to make money online?

Answer: The best website builder for an eCommerce business is Ali Dropship

Where To Find: Here is a site for you to get started with eCommerce!

4) Ad Agency

Ad Agency

Income: From $58,000 up to $100,000 per year (source: payscale.com)

Ideal For: People who love marketing. You have some basic knowledge. You like to advertise things to people. 

What Is It: An advertising agency creates, plans and manages all aspects of a client's advertising.

Advertising agencies can specialize in specific areas, such as interactive advertising, or they can be a full-service agency that creates advertising materials like websites, online and social campaigns, brochures, catalogs, direct mail, print ads, radio and TV commercials, sales letters, and more. An ad agency is one of these online businesses where you will need to have some upfront knowledge about how marketing works! Remember that one!

Where To Find: Here are some sites for you to get started with an Ad Agency and make money online!

5) Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Income: From $31,078 up to 61,424 per year (source: paysacle.com)

Ideal For: People who are interested in designing logos, T-Shirts, banners, covers & aswell editing/modifying existing ones. If this sounds like you, then you might as well start today.

What It Is: Someone who creates or edits existing graphics by customer request. So basically you get orders and deliver them on time. Thats how you make money online with designing graphics!

Where To Find: There are plenty of websites where you can start designing graphics, Fiverr is the definitely the best choice!

6) Online Teacher

Online Teacher

Income: From $29,234 up to $61,220 per year (source: ZipRecruiter.com)

Ideal For: People who are a little bit older, experienced & have good knowledge on a specific topic. 

  • You like to teach
  • Also, You don't get angry when someone doesn't understand something right away
  • And You don't mind explaining something 1000 times 😀

What Is It:

Online teachers instruct and educate students of all ages all around the world using the internet, computers, and online tools. Online teachers provide instruction in every academic subject, based on the previous training and education they have already acquired.

Because this is a remote job offering full- and part-time hours, online teachers enjoy some flexibility in their shifts and can exercise some discretion over when they work, though ultimately they report directly to a teaching supervisor or similar manager. There is no travel required for this job, as online teachers may instruct students from their own homes or any other location of their choosing as long as they have internet access.

Where To Find: Here is a guide to get started

7) Vlogging (Personal Branding)


Income: From $100,000 up to $300,00 per year (It’s a long-term game, you can also call this personal branding)

Ideal For: People who like to pick up the camera and talk. They want to entertain people.

What Is It: Vlog derives from video blog or video log and refers to a type of blog where most or all of the content is in video form.

Vlog posts consist of creating a video of yourself or an event, uploading it to the internet, and publishing it within a post on your blog. However, it doesn’t have to be that restrictive.

Where To Find: 

You can vlog anywhere that supports video content, but that’s not all you need. The first step is to identify where you want to blog, as in which website you should use to post your blog content.

YouTube is a huge website that hosts lots of vlogger’s content, and it’s free. However, there are alternatives if you need a traditional blog platform that also supports text and image posts.

It’s necessary to have a recording device too, like a webcam or dedicated video camera (or even your iPhone) that isn’t attached to a computer, as well as a microphone.

You can use any video and audio hardware that you prefer, but to stand out among other streamers and vloggers, it’s usually recommended to get yourself something that can help produce high-quality content.

What’s more is the video editing software necessary for post-recording and pre-publishing. This includes not only your traditional video editing programs but also any video conversion software that can help get your unedited content into your editing software.

8) Virtual Assistant

Income: From $31,258 up to $41,245 per year (source: paysacle.com)

Ideal For: People who are skilled in a specific topic, then you exchange your knowledge & skills for the money from the customers. You also like to work at home to make money online!

What It Is: Theoretically, a VA can do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee. (Although when home-delivery coffee is created, the VA will be able to do that too!). However, virtual support duties are not limited to clerical work. Many VAs provide marketing, web design and other services.

Some virtual assistants specialize in a specific skill set. For example, a marketing or PR virtual assistant only does marketing or PR work. Other virtual assistants do a variety of duties but within a specific industry. For example, a real estate virtual assistant does many tasks, but only for Realtor clients.

Most virtual assistants run their own home-based virtual assistant business. This allows them to earn more (usually $25 per hour or more depending on the tasks offered) and have greater control over the duties they perform. However, many small businesses hire virtual assistants in an employment or contract position. These VAs usually earn $10 to $15 per hour depending on the skill set required. Finally, many VAs use freelance sites or microwork sites to find quick, time-limited projects. These don't usually pay well, but they can offer a start to a new VA.

Where To Find: There are plenty of websites where you can start being a virtual assistant, but so far & how we told you before, Fiverr is still the best option!

9) Web Developer/Designer

Income: $66,130 per year (source: money.usnews.com)

Ideal For: People who have good IT-Knowledge and like programming/coding something. Also, this is a way to make money online and also improve your technical skills.

What It Is: Web developers build and shape a visitor’s experience at a website. They do this through the creation of page layouts (headings and paragraphs), website styling (colors and fonts), and page features (animations and pictures).

Web developers work closely with project managers and designers to ensure the final product adheres to the proposed budget, scope, and design. While a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science is not required for many positions, numerous years of hands-on experience coding both websites and web applications is strongly desired.
Along with strong technical skills, front-end web developers must have excellent written and oral communication skills, a solid grasp of graphic design, and exceptional time management capabilities.

They must be able to troubleshoot issues quickly and to stay up-to-date on current and emerging technologies, standards, and trends.

Where To Find: There are plenty of websites where you can start designing graphics, here are some to start (these are the best):

10) Proofreader

Income: From $50,381 up to $57,640 per year (source: salary.com)

Ideal For: People who like to read, correct & find mistakes in books, articles & all that. Sit Basically on the computer and make money online from the comfort of your own home.

What It Is: “There. Their.” They’re. Know the difference? If you’re a spelling wizard who can wield the grammar hammer with ease, you might be ready for a career as a proofreader.

Where To Find: Here are 2 High-Quality sites to start as a proofreader, as always, Fiverr will be your best choice!:

11) Social Media Manager

Income: $50,489 per year (source: glassdoor.com)

Ideal For: People who love to do marketing & have experience in outsourcing and managing content development. Great way to make money online.

What It Is: The Social Media Manager will administer the company’s social media marketing and advertising. Administration includes but is not limited to:

  • Deliberate planning and goal setting
  • Development of brand awareness and online reputation
  • Content management
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound traffic
  • Cultivation of leads and sales

The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers. That passion comes through as he/she engages with customers on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers.

Community leadership and participation (both online and offline) are integral to a Social Media Manager’s success. An essential component is communicating the company’s brand in a positive, authentic way what will attract today’s modern, hyper-connected buyers.

Where To Find: There are plenty of websites where you can start designing graphics, here are some to start (these are the best):


Now let's list all the ways to make money online from highest to lowest income per year.

Keep in mind, these are just average values. You can make less than that or more than that. It all depends on one thing. And that one thing is only You.

How hard are you willing to work to change your current financial situation? 

It all roots back to you.

Success usually takes 18 months.

That is what multi-millionaire Tai Lopez says.

Go with that mindset, 18 months for things to take off (an average time)! Just make a commitment for that and start.


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