187 Creative Blog Post Ideas That Your Readers Will Love

Suheyl Ünüvar

November 5, 2020

Have you ever sat down to write your up-and-coming blog post just to find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen because you have no blog post idea?

I know I have. It’s a daunting task to get words out when you have no idea what you want to write. What makes it even worse is when the publish deadline is fast approaching and the cursor just continues to torment you with its blinky-ness. It might also feel like writer’s block, but I don’t really believe in writer’s block. It’s really a lack of good writing and blog planning.

So, I thought I’d help you plan and pull together a massive list of great blog post ideas to pull you out of the doldrums.

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This list will be sure to fill your content calendar.

But remember, these are just blog post ideas and if inspiration pulls you in another direction, follow it. There are different categories with tons of ideas so you can choose your own adventure.

1. How’d You Get Started In Your Career? And How'd You Get To Where You Are Today?

Answering this question is a great way for your followers to catch up on your journey. Share everything with them. You might just touch someone's life and nudge them in a direction toward achieving their goals.

2. List And Embed Videos That Have To Do With Your Niche.

For example, if you were a blogger, you could put together a list of 20 actionable videos on how to be a more amazing blogger. Think of useful and helpful videos that will make your readers better at what they do.

3. Compile A Good List Of Post Ideas And Links That Are Focused On One Topic.

Say you'd want to write up a post on how to do social media management. You'd find the most actionable links that you can and tag them in a list formatted blog post.

4. What Marketing Tips Didn’t Work For You?

It's always good to know what worked. But there are many things that don't work, so why don't you share them so no one else makes the same mistakes?

5. Write Out A List Of FAQs.

Are you asked tons of questions? If so, write them down and answer them. If you haven't been asked any questions, think up the things that people would probably ask about your product or service. What things could be an issue that people might need more clarity on?

6. Take An Unrelated Topic And Tie It To Your Field In Some Way.

Take something that has nothing to do with your career and turn it into something that has something to do with your career. I once wrote a guest post where I wrote about being in a complicated relationship with my characters (I write fiction as well as blogging). I basically compared writing characters to complicated relationships/friendships. It was super fun to write. Think about how you can apply this to your own writing.

7. Pitch An Influencer To Guest Post On Their Blog.

Guest posting is such a great way to get more followers and also a way to build authority. Just make sure when you pitch influencers that you put your best foot forward.

8. What Sets Your Blog/Business Apart From Your Competitors?

Sometimes it can be scary when your competitors' websites look way more amazing than your own. Maybe they are better at social media than you or maybe they have a bigger team than you which makes it easier to create more or do more.

Steps To Take:

  • Take a good look at your competitors' blogs.
  • Write down their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take a look at your blog.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (If you feel like you can't answer these questions without being biased, ask a friend in your niche or even a blog reader.)
  • How can you be better at your strengths while also covering your competitors' weaknesses?

9. What Is The Most Creative Way That Someone Has Used Your Product?

Working here at ProjectAffordAnything, I've actually met some people online who've told me they've used the headline analyzer to write titles and chapter names for their books. I'd say that's a pretty creative way to use the tool, so it's a blog post idea that could help others.

Do you have a product? If so, what is a creative way that people have used it?

10. Profile A Few Readers And/Or Customers.

Interview them. You might just learn something new about your blog or business.

11. How Do You Use Social Media For Growing Traffic And Sales?

Share how you've used social media to grow traffic and sales. This is a topic that many people are interested in as a way to grow their own blogs and businesses, so if you have great tips, share them all.

12. Create An Ultimate Guide.

Write up an ultimate guide to something in your industry. Teach people the tricks of the trade. They'll be super thankful.

13. What Is The Best Part Of What You Do?

Tell your readers everything. Why do you love what you do?

16. Do A Q&A Interview With Your Team.

Write a list of questions and send it to the people on your team. This will help your readers and customers feel like they know who is behind the product.

15. Recently Hired New Employees? How'd You Come To The Decision To Hire Them?

Share characteristics and qualities that business owners or entrepreneurs should look for when hiring their team.

16. Write A Manifesto.

Jeff Goins said:

A manifesto is a great way to condense your message into a short, all-encompassing format. By reading it (if you’ve written it well), they get a fuller understanding of your core message, which you may have been trying to communicate for years.

Pull Together Your Manifesto:

  • What is my message?
  • What do I want people to know?
  • Why is my message important?

17. Do A (Number) By A (Certain Age) Post.

Have you ever heard of “My 30 by 30” posts? These are really cool and help readers see into your life and business a bit, by showing your personality and uniqueness. Think of this blog post idea as a bucket list before you or your business reaches a certain age.

18. Put Together A Gif-Filled Post…

Everyone loves gifs. Put together a post and use gifs for the images. Gifs have a way of adding humor and energy to posts in a way that images and graphics can't. Or make your own with Boomerang.

19. What Would You Love To Learn How To Do?

Share pictures and what you'd like to learn, then go out and try that thing. Share an update of your experience with your followers.

20. Write A Parody Post Of Some Sort.

Bringing humor into a post can be good. It's always fun to make people laugh. I once did a parody post with Taylor Swift's song, “Shake It!” and I tied writing into it. It was a lot of fun!

21. Set Up A Contest On Your Blog.

After doing the giveaway or competition on your blog, share the results. Did it turn out or was it a dud?

Set Up Your Own Contest:

  • What is your goal? (Have a clear goal in mind. Do you want more email subscribers? Or buying customers? More social media followers?)
  • What kind of content do you want to have? (Think about whether it will be a skills or challenge contest.)

22. Use Questions On Forums As Blog Post Ideas.

Have you ever spent time on websites like Quora? There are so many people asking questions that you can use for new blog post ideas.

Once you've written your answer in blog post format, go back to the question on Quora and leave a comment that answers the question. It's helpful, and it could also bring some traffic back to your blog.

23. Find The Best Jokes In Your Niche And Share Them In A Blog Post.

Like I said earlier, people love humor. We like to laugh and smile. A great place to look is on Google. There are plenty of good places full of jokes.

Do this as a special post and share it on a Friday or on a day off.

24. What Adventures Does A Person In A Career Like Yours Experience?

Are there any fun adventures that you've gotten to go on or to be a part of while being a _____ (your title)? If so, share your adventures.

25. Seen Any Good Movies? Pick One And Tie It Into Something To Do With A Topic In Your Niche.

Write a post about how a certain character or situation in a movie has something to do with your niche. These can be a lot of fun to write. Play around with some ideas.

26. What Are Your Top 5 Distractions And How Do You Deal With Them?

Distractions aren't fun, but sadly we have them a lot in our lives. Especially with the Internet. There's always a distraction waiting around the corner.

Do you have a way of holding the distractions at bay? If so, share your tips.

27. Pick Out 3 Creative People Who Inspire You And Think About If They Collaborated To Make A Product—What Would It Be?

If those three people created something awesome with all their skills, what would it be? Create that and then share your process and inspiration.

28. What Scares You The Most And Why?

It's interesting to dig into why something scares or doesn't scare you. Share ways you've gotten over your fear since there are people out there who probably have the same fears.

29. What Is The First Memory That You Remember?

Do you remember your first memory? Think about it for a while and then write it up.

30. List Of Hacks

Write down the hacks to doing a certain task or job that you have knowledge in.

Think About These Things:

  • What steps does it take to finish your task or project?
  • Write those down.
  • Flesh out your blog outline with more detail. What are the actionable tips to doing that task or project?

31. Use 5 Words To Describe Yourself (Or Your Blog Or Business).

How would you describe yourself with only five words? Use those words as an outline for your idea.

32. Host A Blog Hop.

Pick a topic or theme. A good way to think of this is like a party. At parties, there's usually a theme.

Write up a few rules and a schedule of events. Set up a blog hop for a certain amount of time. For each of the days, provide a daily prompt. It will pull other bloggers into the fun of writing posts on that topic. Encourage bloggers to visit other bloggers' posts who are also a part of the blog hop.

Blog hops are a cool way to create a sense of community and also to get more comments. Have fun with it!

Choose Other Blog Post Ideas.

33. How Do You Plan To Achieve Your Current Goals?

Think about what your monthly goals are. They can be personal or business related.

  • What are your monthly goals? (Can you break them down for your audience?)
  • When you write your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

Sharing your goals will help you gain a sense of clarity and accountability.

34. What Are You Not Going To Do This _____ (Month or Year)?

Share things that you aren't going to do in the upcoming months. For instance, do you have any bad habits or things that get in the way of you being successful? Since you probably do, your audience also probably deals with similar issues or the same ones you do.

Share a list of what you aren't going to do this month. And then after the month is over,you could do an update email on how it went along with tips to conquer that bad habit.

35. What Is The Road To Success?

Have you ever thought about writing an inspirational post that will encourage people in your niche to stand strong and hold on while they are on the road to success?

  • What are things that you struggled with when you were starting out?
  • List those out and then give your readers an answer.
  • Think of yourself as a mentor of what it takes to reach success. Write it as though you were writing it to yourself when you first started working in your field.

36. What Are Your Goals For The Next 5 Years? 10 Years?

It's always good to remember what your goals are. When you have them set out, it's easier to see where you're headed. It helps you sort out your vision a little more.

Here Are Some Questions To Help You Brainstorm:

  • What would you like to do this coming year? Personal and business related?
  • What needs to be finished and reached?
  • Does a certain amount of income need to be made?
  • What are some new ventures that you'd like to try?

37. Share Your Gifts With The World.

Make something and give it away for free. It will build trust. Everyone wants to be trusted.

38. Try Something New Post…

Never sky-dived? Or designed your own graphics? Write up a post where you share something new that you've tried. People will love experiencing the “new” factor with you. Share your step-by-step process to make it actionable or even throw some humor in there of the mistakes you made along the way.

39. Do You Have A Reading List For The Year?

Do you have a list of books that you'd like to have read by the end of the year? If so, write it down.

40. Do You Give To A Charity?

This blog post idea will help people get a good feel for what kind of person you are. Share links to the charity, too.

41. What Is Your Dream Job?

Are you working your dream job? Or not yet? Whether you are or aren't, type out what your dream job is and share it.

42. What Inspires You?

This is an easy question that opens up for some awesome creative post ideas. And why do those things inspire you?

43. Give Up Something And Focus That Time On Doing Something Useful That'll Help You Reach Your Goals.

This can be difficult, especially when it comes to giving up something that you enjoy doing like watching TV at night or social media at certain times of the day. Then share with your readers how you handled it.

This can be so rewarding. Pick out one thing to give up and then share it with your readers on how you handled it. What worked and what didn't?

44. What Is Your Bucket List?

What kinds of things do you want to do before you kick the bucket? Dream big. Life is full of exciting things to do.

45. What's Your Motto For Life?

What words of wisdom do you live by? Use those as inspiration for sections and flesh out a post that shares your philosophy.

46. Who is Your Mascot For Life?

Yes, your mascot?

A mascot just like the big furry animal that boosts fan morale at sports games. If you could choose a mascot to describe your outlook on life or on your business, who would you choose? And why?

47. How Do You Schedule Your Work Week?

Walk your audience through how to schedule their work week productively. As humans, we always want to know how to get more done in a week. If you have anything that has helped you schedule your time throughout the week, put that into the post.

48. Celebrate Your Blog's Birthday.

Since your blog is your baby, you don't want to just talk about the blog the whole time in your post. Find a way to turn it into an actionable post that people can still learn from.

Extra Fun Tip: Make a downloadable gift and give it away in exchange for emails. This will make them feel special, while also helping you grow your blog following.

49. How Do You Work While Traveling?

Many people work remote and travel with their work now. It really helps to see how others work and reach their goals while they're traveling. Share your tips.

50. Give A Rant About Something.

Does something bother you right now? Write up a rant about it.

51. What Life Events Shaped You Into Who You Are?

If you could think about all the events that unfolded in your life, which ones shaped you into who you are now?

52. Love Traveling? If So, Share Your Experiences.

Do you travel a lot? If so, use this for inspiration. Share where the best places are to eat. How about that great bed and breakfast you went to in Ireland?

53. What's A Current Frustration Of Yours? Share It With Your Followers.

Controversial blog posts do really well. They can be difficult to write and they aren't for everyone, but if you feel led to, don't fear. Go out and do it. Because controversy gets traffic.

54. What Are Your Traditions?

Write up your traditions. These could be family or business traditions.

55. What Advice Has Stuck With You For A Long Time? And Who Gave You That Advice?

Did someone give you some great advice at a certain time in your life? Think back to that time and write down the advice as you remember it.

56. What Is The Next Vacation You’d Love To Take?

Dream away. Share the fun. Or if your blog or business is made up of a team, you could always share where each of the team wants to go on vacation next. This is another one of those blog post ideas that really help an audience get to know you better.

57. If You Could Go Anywhere In The World With Anyone, Where Would You Go And Why? Also Why Did You Choose That Person?

Use your creativity and imagination with this one. You can tie this into your business or your personal life.

58. If You Could Invite 3 People To Dinner, Who Would You Invite? And Why? What Would You Talk About?

This is a different approach to the “If you were stranded with three people on an island, who would you choose?” question.

59. If You Could Have Witnessed An Event In History, Which Would You Choose? And Why?

What event in history is one that amazes you every time you think about it? Pick that one. Now, start writing about it. Why do you feel so strongly about that event? What do you think that says about you as a person?

60. Glimpse Into Your Life.

Share photos daily for a week that show a sneak peek into your life, your blog, or your business.

61. What Do You Want To Improve Upon?

We are only humans.

What are some things that you think you need to improve upon? Put those into your post.

62. How Do You Stay Healthy In Your Niche?

This could go many different ways for different bloggers. For a writer and editor, like me, I'd probably write a post about the importance of getting up to move throughout the day. Since I sit at a desk a lot, getting up throughout the day to move around is really important. What helps you stay healthy?

Some people have told me that taking reading breaks throughout their day helps refresh their minds.

63. If You Were Told You Were Going To Die On Friday And Today Was Monday, What Would You Do?

It's always interesting to hear how people would spend their last days, if they knew it was their last days.

You learn a lot about people and what they hold important.

If you come up with certain dreams that you'd like to accomplish (if this was your last week), why don't you think about accomplishing them? Go after your dreams and ship it.

64. Who Is The One Person That You Definitely Couldn’t Live Without? And Why?

When you share this with your audience, you'll be letting them into your life. Let them see that you are a human behind your blog.

65. Spoken Anywhere Recently? (Conference, Speech, Or Lesson).

If you have, write a blog post from your speech and share it. It's a cool way to repurpose content.

Instead of letting your speech get lost in your files on your hard-drive, use it and embellish on it by making it deeper. Share more content. You could even type it all up and schedule it to publish right after your speech gets done. Tell your audience to get the notes and other awesome tips on your website. This is also a great way to build an email subscriber list.

66. Interview An Influencer For Your Blog.

Want to get more followers? Having influencers on your blog and guest writing for other blogs can really boost your followers. It helps if the blogs you choose are actually ones that have influencer status.

67. Answer Your Readers' Questions In Blog Format.

Has anyone asked you any questions lately? Turn their questions into blog post ideas. Write it up and help your readers solve their problems. If your readers haven't asked any questions recently go to Quora and look for the type of questions people would ask in your niche. Use those as blog post ideas.

68. What Is The Day In The Life Of A _________ (Insert Your Career) Like?

Walk your readers through the hour-by-hour day in the life of (your title). Also, don't forget to share pictures. It's always a lot of fun for people to peak into others' lives.

69. What Are The Best Books In Your Niche That You’d Recommend?

Think about what books you've read that have been the most helpful to you in your niche.

On A Side Note: If you're looking for similar books that you'd like to read more of, just go to Amazon and type in that book name. When you find the book, you'll be able to scroll to the bottom of the book's Amazon page. At the bottom, you'll see what other people looked at/purchased that was like this book.

70. Which Skills Should Someone Have If They Want To Go Into Your Career?

71. What Are The Ten Commandments Of Your Career?

Think about the must-dos of your career.

  • What should be your commandments?
  • Are there things that your followers would gain from knowing your blog or businesses commandments?

Doing this helps people see what is important to you.

72. What Are The 5 Deadly Sins In Your Career?

What things would you warn people against doing in your career? Think of these as five things that are deadly to doing your job right.

What are they?

73. Come Up With A Truth Vs Lie Post.

It's like that game where you give so many facts, sneak in a few lies, then have your friends guess what was true and what was false. Think about this post in somewhat the same way, but instead of making your readers guess, tell them which are truths and which are the lies.

74. How'd You Start Your Business, Blog, Or Freelance Career?

People always want to know how to start out in their niche. This means the nitty gritty details on how to do it all. Teach them how to start one of their own.

Ask Yourself These Questions To Get An Idea On What To Cover:

  • What are the steps that I took from A to Z?
  • What things helped me start out?
  • How'd I get more followers on social media?
  • How about email subscriptions?

Cover all the basics of starting your own business, blog, or career. If your answers are actionable and helpful, people will keep coming back for more.

75. What Kind Of Lessons Could Anyone Learn From What You Do In Your Career?

Are there life lessons that people who aren't in your career could learn from? You might be amazed.

76. What Is The Toughest Part Of Being A ______ (Your Job Title).

It's time to be truthful. What is the toughest part about your job?

77.  What Are Your Favorite Blogs?

Collect the links of your favorite bloggers and websites, and share them in a list post. People love finding new awesome blogs. And when you are the one to help them find all these great bloggers, they'll remember that and that will cause them to trust you more. Which will make them come back for more.

78. Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Character, And How Do You Think You Are Alike?

Ever read a book and thought, “Man, this character is basically me!”? Use that as inspiration for a post like this. You can also incorporate this into your blog or business and personify your company or product with one of the characters by saying something like: Why My Product Is The _____ Of All Products.

79. If Your Favorite Book Hasn’t Been Made Into A Movie Yet, Who Would You Cast For The Characters?

This is a fun and a purely creative blog post idea.

80. What Are Your Go-To Apps?

We are in such a digital world. You can't go anywhere without seeing people looking at their phones or tablets. List out your favorite apps.

81. What Are Your Favorite Blog Plugins?

Write out all the awesome plugins that you are using on your blog. Make a big list of how you use them and why others should also be using them.

82. What Is Your Favorite Memory?

This one is always fun to think about. Write it down and share it with your followers.

83. What Is The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received?

This one probably doesn't need any explanation. You know what it is.

84. Your Favorite Blog Posts From The Month.

Create a list of your favorite blog posts that helped you the most this month. You can put some of yours in this post as well as posts from other people's blogs.

85. Best ________ (Fill In The Blank. Example: Photography) Tutorials.

Have you watched any awesome video tutorials lately? Make a list post of the best ones you've seen.

86. What Are The Best Events That You’ve Been To Last Year?

Are there any conferences, speakers, and/or classes that you've been to in the last year that you've really enjoyed? Share the events and make sure to link to them. Add tips for people who might want to go to those events this year so their experience will be even more amazing.

87. What's On Your Current Playlist And What Does Your Playlist Say About You?

You can learn a lot about a person when you spend any time looking into what they read or watch or even what they listen to. What do you think your playlist says about you?

88. Create A Roundup Of The Best ______ (Topic) Posts From The Last Week.

Pick a topic and make a roundup list of actionable posts that show how to do certain things that will help your audience become better at what they do.

89. What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend A Day Off?

Describe to your followers what your favorite way is to spend a day off.

90. What Is Your Mission Statement?

Mission statements are always great to have. They are a great way to keep your site focused on moving forward to your goals. Write up your mission statement and then share it with your followers.

91. Nobody Knows That I…

Finish the sentence.

92. What Is The Worst Thing You've Ever Done?

Yup. What was so bad about it? And why'd you do it? Share how you got over it.

93. Send Out A Poll, Survey, Or A Quiz Filled With Questions.

We do this every year here at ProjectAffordAnything so we'll know what kinds of things you want to know more about. It really helps us get to know a little more about you and your goals as marketers, writers, and bloggers. Do the same kind of thing for your own niche. Once you've gotten the responses, make that into a blog post.

Some Example Questions:

  • What do you want to learn about?
  • What are your goals this year?
  • Which topics interest you more ______ or ______?
  • What is your job title? And what do you do?
  • How long have you been using _____ (product name)?

94. Are You Hosting Any Upcoming Events?

If you are planning to host any events, make sure you let your audience know.

95. Profile Your Role Model.

I love learning about people's role models.

Here Are Some Steps To Profile Your Role Model:

  1. First off, interview them if you can.
  2. Share what they do for a living.
  3. What is their outlook on life?
  4. Why are they your role model?

96. How Do You Show Yourself Love?

Life can get hectic. How do you slow down and show yourself love? What are some tips that might help your readers love themselves more?

97. What Are You Passionate About?

Why do you love what you do? Here at ProjectAffordAnything we have a motto: “Do what you love. Love what you do!” and it's so true. Life and work is so much easier when you love what you do. Write down what you are passionate about.

98. What Are The Top Things You've Learned Over The Past Year?

This could go in a few different directions. Either you could make a massive list of the different things you've learned this year or you could write a blog post for each idea off the list. Maybe share how to do what you've learned or the life lessons that a person could learn from.

99. What Keeps You Creative?

When working in a creative niche, there are times where the words flow or the ideas bubble up out of you like a fountain. But there are also those days where you lack creativity and really don't know what direction you want to go with certain projects. This can be hard. Many people give up on their creative endeavors when this happens.

Don't let that happen to you and your art.

Maya Angelou once wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” I've been told by countless creatives that creativity is a lot like having a child. If major complications happen during child birth, there is a chance that the mother and the baby could both die. The same story could be said for the artist bearing an untold story. If you have a story to tell but don't tell it, you're hurting yourself and harming the story. You don't want the story to die, right?

Stay creative and finish your work. Ship.

Real artists ship. —Steve JobsClick To Tweet

Share all the things that keep you creative as a writer, blogger, content marketer, artist, or graphic designer.

100. Take A Word And Write A Post Inspired By It.

Think creatively. You could even choose a couple words to use. Check out the Sunday Scribblings blog that set up a new word prompt every Sunday for some inspiration.

101. How Do You Stay Productive?

Productivity is another area in our lives that we are always trying to improve.

Something To Think About:

  • What kind of a lifestyle has helped you be more productive? (Example: Do you work out regularly? Do you wake up at 5 a.m. and work on your own projects before going to work in the morning?)
  • What things have been stopping me from being productive? (Show how to avoid experiencing those unproductive habits.)

102. If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be?

It's good to think about the things that you want to change about your life. It helps you see what you can do to become better at what you do while it will also help your audience see that you still want to improve upon things in your life.

103. What Do You Enjoy Doing Outside Of Work?

Sharing some of your life outside of work, business, and/or your blog will help people get to know you better. Sometimes it helps people to see that you are just a normal person.

104. Creative And Inspiring Quotes Related To Your Industry.

I love inspiring quotes and especially if they are related to the niche that I'm in. Other people love them for the same reason.

Basically, quotes are morsels of knowledge from another person that help with inspiration and encouragement. Encourage your audience with niche-related quotes. It also helps just knowing that others have felt the same way.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” —Ernest Hemingway

105. What Top Things Do You Wish You'd Known When You First Started Blogging?

Start by writing a list of the top things you wish you'd known. Just brain dump all your thoughts into that list. Then use that as the backbone for your blog post.

106. Where Do You Want Your Blog Or Business To Be Next Year? How About In 5 And 10 Years?

It can be tough to try and visualize where you'll be in more than a week. So 5–10 years can be hard to see. But this can be a great time to imagine and dream. Try to be realistic, though. Setting SMART goals really helps. You don't want to feel overwhelmed when you realize how much is on your plate.

107. Write A Review.

Writing reviews is a great way to tell companies that you like their products, but more than that, it's a great way to share awesome products with other people.

108. Write An Open Letter.

A few years ago, there was an open letter that many bloggers partook in. You've probably heard of it.

It was called “A Letter To My 16-Year-Old Self”. With this, think about all the things you'd tell your younger self to help them through the things you went through.

Here's an example you can check out from Huffington Post.

109. Reach Out To Experts And Combine The Quotes Into A Single Blog Post.

Write up a post using quotes you've gotten from experts in your field. People love posts like these, especially if what the experts are saying is new and can't be found anywhere else online.

110. Write A Best Posts Of The Season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Or Spring) Blog Post.

Go to your Google Analytics and look at your most popular posts from the past few months, for each season, and share them with your followers again in a recap post.

111. How Do You Get Blog Readers?

What has been the most successful way for you to build blog readers? Write down your steps and share them. Some people think it will harm them if they give away their secrets. But that isn't true. If you give away your secrets, people are going to trust you and keep coming back to you for more.

112. Try A Photo Prompt.

Find some awesome free images on Unsplash or in this blog post. Look at some pictures and use them to inspire your post idea. This is a creativity-building blog post idea.

113. Your Writing Place.

I absolutely love seeing writers' writing places. Your followers can take away so much inspiration these places.

Share your workplace. Artists love sharing and seeing other artists' studios, while writers love seeing other writers' offices. Share pictures of your office, too!

If you have a turquoise writing desk, I might be jealous. 🙂

116. Why Did You Start Blogging?

Share what made you start blogging.

115. What Are 15 Things No One Knows About You?

Think of 15 awesome and funny things. You could also use this idea to write 15 things that no one knows about your business or product.

116. Reach Out To Friend Bloggers To See If They'd Do A Swap-A-Roo Blog Post.

Contact them to see if they'd write a guest post for you if you could write one for them.

Something to remember: Other bloggers are looking for content as much as you are.

117. How Do You Develop Your Blogging Ideas?

Write a blog post on your process for coming up with blog post ideas.

118. What Makes You Unique As A Blogger?

Make a list and then focus on ways that you can show those unique characteristics and strengths more often.

119. Who Are 5 Bloggers Who Inspire You?

Write a post about it.

120. How Has Your Blogging Career Changed In The Past Year?

Share the changes, journeys, and stats. You could also share the top posts from the past year and the top comments. It's a great way to pull your readers into your blog and to thank them!

121. Set Up A Series Of Posts.

Have a few posts that talk about a similar topic or continue a longer idea.

122. Do You Have A Team? If So, How Did You Find Them?

Share how you found your team. Was there a hiring process? Or did you find them on an outsourcing website?

123. Respond To A Tweet In Longer Form.

It can be hard to fit all your thoughts into 160 characters. Take the idea that you got from a tweet and share that in post format on your blog.

124. Give A Book Review.

Have you read any great books in your niche? If so, why don't you write a book review of sorts on the book?

Grab some of the biggest lessons from the book that stuck out to you that you think would help your audience. Also, think about reaching out to the author of the book to share your review with them. Authors love it when people contact them to talk about their books. Who wouldn't want to know that their writing impacted your life?

125. What Keywords Bring The Most Traffic To Your Site? Use That Data To Write More On Those Topics.

Creating more content like your most popular blog posts just makes sense. Use a tool like Moz to understand the keywords that are helping you crush it and get new blog post ideas from your best content.

126. Write A Post Where You Share Your Top Blog Posts.

Create a fun way to get your readers excited about your top posts. What else can you do to make them special?

127. Participate In A Blog Hop, Blog Roundup, Or Carnival Online.

When you participate in a blog hop, blog roundup, or a carnival you'll have to write a blog post that has to do with a topic. Usually the blogger who is hosting the blog hop or setting up the carnival will have an overarching theme. And then you'll have to write something about that with a topic that relates.

128. Write Your Writer’s Guidelines.

Having guest writers is an awesome way to fill up your blog with content. You just want to make sure you go about it the right way. Treat your blog like a magazine, and ask for pitches.

How To Craft Your Writer's Guidelines:

  1. Pitch guidelines: What do you want writers to put into their pitches? What things do you need to see from them in order to say yes to their pitch?) I would usually recommend also asking for 250-500 words of the article that they're pitching to you. This will help you see if their writing is any good before you accept a pitch.
  2. Other things they should send with the pitch: Their blog URL, social links, and a few writing samples.
  3. Lay out how the guest writing process goes so the writer will know how to approach you and what to expect about the whole process.
  4. Keep in mind what minimum-maximum length you want for your posts.

129. Create A Master List Of Helpful Amazon Kindle Books That Are In Your Niche.

When it comes to free e-books out there, there are a ton of them.

Self-publishing has opened many doors for writers, but it's also opened the publishing doors wide open for a whole lot of not-so-good stuff as well. That makes it difficult for a person to find “good” actionable e-books that are actually free.

Put together a list post of good free e-books that you've found.

130. Write Something That You've Never Written Before.

Do you only write blog posts?

Ever thought of writing something different? Think about writing lyrics, a short story, poetry, or even a short script and then share it on your blog.

Playing around in different formats of writing will make you a stronger writer.

131. Make A Comprehensive Guide Post.

Make a comprehensive guide on a certain topic. Teach your readers the in and out to writing “how to posts” or what ever topic you decide to choose. Remember to also make it actionable.

132. Write A Memorial Post.

Did someone influential in your life or business pass away? Write up a blog post in memory of them. Share what you learned from them and how they affected your life, blog, and/or business.

133. Create A “List” Of ____.

Write a list post. List posts are some of the more popular blog posts out there.

134. Create A List Of Online Tools.

Do you use any online tools? If so, write up a list of the most helpful tools you've found and use.

135. Write A Checklist On How To ________ (Fill In The Blank).

We just recently published a post here on the ProjectAffordAnything blog that was a checklist. These are fun posts to write. Just walk your readers through the process of doing something in a checklist format.

136. A-Z Post.

Have you ever seen those posts where bloggers do the A-Z posts on certain topics? There are a few ways that you could go about using this for blog post ideas.

First, you could write one post with a list from A-Z and then list words that start with that letter. Or you could write a blog post for each letter. That would be a ton of blog post ideas once you got through the whole alphabet.

137. 100 Things…

100 things you love, 100 things you enjoy, or 100 tools you swear by.

138. Thank Your Audience And Give Them Something Special For Being Awesome.

Thank your readers. They're reading your blog posts, so thank them. Give away something special to them for being awesome. They will definitely be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” every time they read a post on your blog. That's just something to keep on your mind whenever you come up with new blog post ideas.

139. Put Your Best Blog Posts Into A Free Ebook.

Do you have a lot of blog posts covering a certain topic? If so, compile them into one document. Ask a designer to make a cool cover through Behance or Dribbble, or just make your own with Canva.

When you're done with the book, write up another post covering some awesome tips from all the posts that you compiled into the ebook. Put a call to action in there where people can sign up for the book, and grow that email list.

160. Write A Handwritten Letter Or Sketch Something To Share.

Write a blog post and then write a few quotes from your blog post by hand. Scan it and then upload those into your posts. This will add a new creative twist to your blog post.

161. Let People Hear Your Voice.

Turn your posts into downloadable audio mp3 files. This is a fun way to be unique since people sometimes get sick of reading a ton of information. Think about having an audio area where they can listen to your post instead.

Big blogs like Social Media Examiner do this for their most successful posts using a tool called Blubrry Powerpress.

162. Live Blog A Conference.

Attend a session and write down everything the speaker says. Post it on your blog.

Share your post on social media using the event hashtag so attendees will find it.

163. Host Your Own Webinar.

Take an old blog post and make a webinar out of it. Then write a new post and then market your webinar in it.

Create And Host Your Own Webinar

  1. Create a landing page with something like Leadpages or Instapages.
  2. What is the benefit for people to sign up?
  3. Give something away for free to people who sign up. Of course, in exchange for an email. Then you can send them the recording and also their free gift.
  4. Use a program like Zoom or Google Hangouts to host and record your webinar.
  5. Share your landing page on social media, with your friends, and email newsletter subscribers. (Be sure to use a great call to action.)

164. Are There Templates Or Downloads That Your Readers Would Enjoy Having?

Now write those up and share them freely, or use them to collect email subscribers.

Think about turning the content you already have on your blog posts into a download of some sort. Could that be a guide, or a worksheet, or even a video course?

Take a look at our Resource Library for some great ideas on things you can create.

165. Try Vlogging For A Month.

Vlogging is a great way to play around with creating new content or reshaping old content into something new. If you want to turn an old post into a vlog, go through your post and pick out the main topics that will help your audience solve whatever problem they want to solve.

Then write it out as a script. Practice a ton. Record yourself and then edit it. Once you are done with that, share it with your audience.

Tips For Vlogging:

  1. Write your script more like an outline than an actual post. Keep sentences shorter rather than longer so it's easier to read.
  2. Put googly craft eyes on either side of your computer video recorder (if you are using your computer) so you keep eye contact with your audience. As a viewer, it can be distracting to watch a speaker who is always looking away or looking in the wrong direction.

166. Host A Live Workshop.

Write an actionable post about the topic that you are going to cover. Don't cover everything you want to cover in the workshop, but share something awesome that will make them want to sign up for that course. Having a downloadable piece of content also really helps them sign up. We all really love free stuff!

What To Keep In Mind:

  1. What kind of a workshop do you want to host? (In person? Online? A Meetup?)
  2. Brainstorm the different topics that you'd like to cover. You can even take a post that you've already written. Take the key points and cover actionable tips about them.
  3. Write your notes like an outline. Keep your sentences short so it's easier to focus when you look down at your notes.
  4. Talk slowly enough for people to understand you.

167. Create Infographics For Some Of Your Top-Performing Posts and Share Them

Infographics are a lot of fun for making your blog posts a little more colorful and scannable. You can learn more about making them here. Share them on social media. Pinterest loves infographics.

168. Create A Quick Reference Guide

You could also call it a cheat sheet. Fill it with tips and tricks of the trade that'll help your audience ace the test.

169. Have You Made Blogging Mistakes In The Past?

Have you made any blogging mistakes? Make a list of all the mistakes. It would make a great what-not-to-do post.

150. Make A Recipe Relatable To Your Niche.

If this idea prompts you to make food and talk about your niche… wonderful! There are many ways that you could write a post and bring in a recipe.

A Few Ideas To Try:

  • Make a recipe for success in your niche.
  • Share a recipe and pictures of the food and relate it to something in your career or niche.

151. Share a Regional Recipe

Are there any types of food that are popular in your area? Share a recipe so everyone can enjoy it!

152. Show Off Your Kitchen

People like to see how others work. Show off where you make the magic happen.

153. Talk About the History of a Dish

Put on your historian cap and dig into the history of a popular food or recipe.

154. Interview a Popular Chef

Are there chefs that readers in your food niche look up to? See if they'll do an interview for your blog.

155. Explain a Cooking Technique Step-by-Step

It could even be something simple, like the best way to dice vegetables.

156. Share How You Got Started Cooking

Inspire others with your own story about what motivated you to launch a food blog.

157. Write About Healthy Replacements for Unhealthy Foods

We all love junk food. But, what if people could have those things without the negative side effects?

158. Try Something New (And Write Your Thoughts About It)

Food is all about exploring new flavors. Try something you'd never had before, and share your thoughts.

159. Review a Cook Book

Are there any new cook books coming out you're interested in? Write a review (and maybe even host a giveaway and send a free copy to a reader).

160. Explain How to Copy Popular Restaurant Recipes

People love going out to eat. They'd love even more to know how to copy their favorite restaurant recipes more affordably at home.

161. Compare Cooking Products or Utensil Brands

Which cooking tools are the best? Share which ones you think your readership should use.

162. Share a Story About a Cooking Experience That Failed

We all fail from time to time. Sometimes, reading about other people's missteps can help us feel better about our own mistakes. And, sometimes sharing your mistakes can help you see what you learned from those experiences.

Beauty Blog Post Ideas

163. Search For Headline Ideas In Beauty Magazines.


Example:  Killer Cocktail: How a Popular Drink Could Kill You in Your Sleep (Change it to Killer Content Marketing Cocktail: How ______ Could Kill Your Blog In Your Sleep)

Or something like that. Be sure to check it in the headline analyzer.

164. Share Your Skincare Routine

What does your morning routine look like?

165. Talk About Your Favorite Beauty Product

And be sure to include links where people can buy them, too. If the manufacturer's have videos on them, you can easily embed those, too.

166. Which Products Do You Travel With?

Empty out your travel bag and explain why each piece is included. Then, show your readers where to find those items themselves.

167. How Can Readers Beautify on a Budget?

Helping your readers save money is a great way to deliver value. Consider:

  • Sharing links to site offering deals and discounts.
  • Posting reader tips on making beauty supplies last longer.

168. Write About a Trend

What's hot on social media right now? Write a blog post telling your readers the latest trends and how to copy those styles.

169. Compare Two Different Brands

Which product is best? Compare two popular products and give your own conclusion.

Photography Blog Post Ideas

170. Go Somewhere New

People love to see photos from interesting places, and travel can help spark creativity.

171. Snap Your Vacation

You've probably already brought your camera, so why not share your snaps?

172. Show Off Your Gear

Photographers love to see what others are shooting with. Share a gear breakdown of everything you keep in your camera bag.

173. Explain How to Get New Clients in Your Niche

If you've had some success getting clients, share the process you used to attract new business.

174. Share Photos From an Event

Make your audience feel like they were there with a compelling photo series.

175. Explain a Photography Technique

Simple how-to content often does well. From setting an appropriate f-stop to properly framing shots, there are tons of techniques you can share.

176. Write a How-To Post With Editing Tips

Show your readers how to do something specific with Photoshop, Lightroom, or other photography software.

177. Share Your Best Lighting Tip

Photography is all about getting good lighting. How do you do it?

178. The Business Side of Photography

Photographers don't always love dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork. Show how you make it easy.

179. Create a Beginner's Guide

New folks pick up cameras for the first time every day. Many of them go looking for tips and advice. Help them out by sharing how you got started.

180. Try Photojournalism

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Imagine how powerful a story you could tell with a photo series on your blog.

181. Talk to a Fellow Photographer

Not only will you learn more about how they approach the craft, but the interview might make a great blog post.

182. Share Your Services

Don't be afraid to sell and tell your audience exactly what you can do for them as a photographer.

Blog Post Ideas For Authors


183. Give Away a Free Chapter

If your sample is good, they'll want to read the rest. This is also a great way to build your email list.

184. Share a Writing Tip

Write a blog post and promote it with a social campaign that shares your best writing tips.

185. Explain How to Promote a Book

Authors aren't always the best marketers. If you've ever promoted a book of your own, help others learn how to do the same.

186. How Did You Get an Agent?

Landing an agent isn't necessarily easy. If you've done it (and learned some do's and don'ts along the way), offer your best tips.

187. Describe Your Writing Process

Writers love to know how other writers work. When you start to write a book or short story, how do you get started, and which steps do you follow to complete it?

188. Share Your Routine

Many authors are famous for their unusual writing routines. What's yours?

189. Host a Writer's Group (and Mention It on Your Blog)

Use Meetup to plan and host a regular writer's group in your area. Then, write about it on your blog.

Now You Have A Ton Of Blog Post Ideas

Phew… that was a lot of information.

But now you're bound to have plenty of blog post ideas that will birth many awesome blog posts. When you use these unique blog post ideas, no one can stop you from writing awesome content. Not even the blinking cursor!

Now, go write!

Don’t forget to repin this pin for good karma! 😉

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