How The Need For Anything Gets In The Way Of Everything

Suheyl Ünüvar

September 28, 2020

It was March 2012.

I went to an online marketing Seminar with a friend of mine. It costs $ 500 to enter.

So I go in there with my friend. By the way, it was way before I was as successful as today. We both were at the same income status.

So I went there and somewhere around in the middle of the seminar my friend needed to go to the toilet. He couldn't hold it anymore.

He left, and I sat there and kept listening. And it was that moment, that the guy who holds the seminar told something that turned my life upside down (I will share it at the end of this article)

So the thing he shared with us just increased my income up to 300 % in just a month.

Now six years later, I see my friend, he is still the same person, still has his 100k income (like six years ago), and I just can't believe but be sad about him (By the way your income should double every three years!).

Now don't get me wrong I'm not telling you not going to the toilet will make you a millionaire. We are still good friends, but he isn't in life where he should be right now.

And that is because the need for anything got in the way of everything.

It's these moments you should keep that f*cking shit and listen. His Discipline was lacking. 

The need for anything gets in the way of everything


It is great that you stumbled across this article because chances are your life will change in the next few minutes.

“The need for anything gets in the way of everything.”

If you go from thinking “It'd be cool” if a certain desirable outcome played out to feeling “I must have it” when interacting with a girl or people in general – pause,

breath deeply, consciously detach, let that crappy vibe fade out of you, and get back to Free Flow State. If you are running a business, If you are doing something, If you are on your purpose and you are in need of anything, the demand will cross everything. 

Here is a great example. Far back in the past when I was going to school, I never had good grades. The school wasn't for me. But there was a time when my classes just exploded. I wrote A's everywhere. Six month's into the A life; I noticed there was this girl in my school always looking at me. She was gorgeous.

We went home always on the same bus, one day I wanted to see how far she will go with looking at me if I look out the window (pretend to not look into her direction) and secretly record with my phone.

When I watched the footage, I saw her looking at me seven times. She was into me. Now at that time, I didn't know the lesson “the need for anything gets in the way of everything” so I wrote her on Facebook (But my intention where I want her from the beginning, I very needy).

We got together, had a great time. She was into me; I was into her. But then like every high school relationship there comes a breakup. But in this case, she was the one who broke up. Not me, I wanted her. So she said she found another boy, and I couldn't do anything then try everything to get her back.

I wrote to her every single day. And how you know “where your focus goes, your energy flows” all of my focus was on her. So at that time, all my school grades dropped because of me wanting her. I wrote D's everywhere. I remember the teacher calling my parents and asking what happened to your son. 

What this shows you is that how a single need can stop you from being productive, prevent you from doing the things you want, stop you from getting the life you want. 

On the way to a wealthy life, the need for anything is like a rock. It merely sits in front of you blocking everything. You have two choices here:

  1. Stop and look at it
  2. Go around it

And 80 % of the people choose the first one. If you need something, then you can't focus on what is essential. I hope you understand how important it is to be independent.

Now next time when the need for something pops up, recognize the fact that this is a game played by your brain and then accept it. 

Never be in the position where you need something. It is dangerous to your success. As soon as the need comes up a rock appears on the way to victory. And precisely at that moment, you decide what you want to do. Do I go around? Or do I stop right in front of it and hope for it to go away?

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